"represent crypto thru fashion and art" - mic drop

BUY, PANIC, HODL, RETIRE | Centric.com version w/ royalty



The Cipher Volt - Centric "BUY, PANIC, HODL, RETIRE" NFT 

This is currently the #1 selling design at Cipher Volt (04/21/2021)

The NFT owner will be paid a 10% royalty on all products sold through the Cipher Volt e-commerce site www.CipherVolt.com having this design (Centric version of BUY, PANIC, HODL, RETIRE)

Example: Each $29 t-shirt sold pays a $2.90 royalty to the designer or owner of this NFT.

The royalty currently goes to the designer(s) of this design and by publicly allowing the sale of this NFT the designer is then passing these royalty payments to the new owner of this NFT.

Check back on the site over the next 10-14 days for new products launching with this design. All of the products with this design will pay a 10% royalty to the owner of this NFT.

If you would like to own this NFT as well as receive the royalty on this design you must win it at auction. Learn more at https://ciphervolt.com/pages/nft-design-royalty