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#DegenBearJumpers (Free NFT w/purchase)
#DegenBearJumpers (Free NFT w/purchase)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, #DegenBearJumpers (Free NFT w/purchase)

#DegenBearJumpers (Free NFT w/purchase)

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Get a free limited edition collectible NFT of our mascot, #degenbearjumper, with the purchase of this t-shirt.


Our parents taught us to buy low and sell high, but we were never good at listening to them all the time. We're listening now and buying the lows like a degenerate bear jumping out of an airplane to land on our desired landing spot, a bull market.


Buy low, sell high. Your mentor is a degenerate bear.


Every #degenbearjumper t-shirt ships within 2-4 days and comes with a free unique #degenbearjumper NFT collectible. They will be distributed after all 10,000 #degenbearjumper t-shirts have been sold, and only the buyers of a #degenbearjumper t-shirt will receive a #degenbearjumper NFT. Read the FAQ section for more information and details.

$4.95 U.S. Shipping

✅ There will be a limited quantity of this special release limited edition #degenbearjumper t-shirt. Orders are shipped within 2-4 business days of ordering, and you will be sent a shipping tracking number when it's shipped.


🖼️ With the purchase of this special release t-shirt, you will be gifted a unique degenerate bear jumper NFT. Make sure to keep an eye out on your email for delivery dates, minting dates, and further news.


📦 Please allow 7–10 business days for USPS delivery after receiving your tracking number. Depending on your location, shipping time is quoted by the shipping carrier. Shipping varies based on your location. All orders are shipped from California, USA.


We print on cotton perfection; simply put, we print on the finest t-shirt in production today. Soft Cotton. Preshrunk Fabric. Classic Fit.

1. When does my t-shirt ship? Your shirt ships within 2-4 business days of placing your order and ships with a tracking number for you to track your order.


2. How much is shipping? All orders are charged a flat rate of $4.95 in the US.


3. When do I get my NFT?

NFT's will be scheduled to deliver for you to Mint after we sell out of the shirt.


4. How do I get my NFT?

You will receive instructions via the email you provided when placing your t-shirt order.


5. Where do I mint my NFT?

We will launch on the platform that will give our collection the most exposure, and we'll announce closer to when we sell out.


6. How can I buy the NFT?

You can't.  You have to buy a #DegenBearJumper limited edition t-shirt to get the free collectible NFT of our mascot.


7. Should I wear my t-shirt?

Great question. That's up to you. Will the t-shirts themselves become collectibles?


8. If I order multiple DegenBearJumper t-shirts, do I get multiple unique NFTs?

Yes, whatever amount of t-shirts you order, you will get the same amount of NFTs; each one will be unique.


9. What chain and platform will I be able to mint my NFT on?

We are waiting to choose the chain we believe will be best at the time of minting. We are also going to choose the platform near the mint date to go with the platform that is potentially willing to work closer with us to give the collection more exposure and/or lower minting costs for you.


11. How do I know when minting will happen?

We will email you instructions to the email you used when placing your order for your degen bear jumper t-shirt.


We will slowly raise the price for the #degeneratebearjumper t-shirt to $200. For all of our early shoppers, you get the #degenbearjumpers t-shirts for $35. You don't have to do anything extra for the discount. The current discounted early bird price is set at $35.

Thanks for being a degenerate and shopping with us!