"represent crypto thru fashion" - mic drop



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mom and dad taught us to buy low and sell high, that's how we get rich. we buy in bear markets like a degenerate animal jumping out of an airplane and skydiving to land on our desirded landing spot, a bull market market.

only join us if you understand that buying in a bear market is smart. we d.c.a. into the projects we like and are proud to have and share the knowledge of being a degenerate bear buyer or jumper.

every #degenbearjumper t-shirt ships within 7 days and comes with a #degenbearjumper NFT. make sure you enter your eth (erc20) address so you can mint your nft after we distribute them. they will be distributed after all 10,000 #degenbearjumper t-shirts have been sold and only the buyers of a #degenbearjumper t-shirt will recieve a #degenbearjumper NFT.

buy low, sell high, get rich. your mentor, a degenerate bear.

$22 World Wide Shipping

✅ There will be a limited quantity of this special release T-Shirt. This item will be shipped once all 10,000 units are sold

🖼️With this a purchase of this special release T-Shirt you will be gifted a FREE NFT.  Make sure to keep an eye out on your email for any further news

📦 Please allow 5-7 business days to receive a tracking number after all units are sold.

📬 Depending on your location, shipping time is quoted by the mail carrier as 4-12 business days after all units are sold.

Money Back Guarantee
We guarantee the quality of all of our products. If your item arrives damaged or otherwise with a defect, it’s on us! Learn more.

1. When does my t-shirt ship?

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5. Where do I mint my NFT?

6. How do I know I can mint my NFT?

7. What makes this NFT special?

8. How can I buy the NFT?

9. Can I lose my NFT if I don't mint it right after it's dropped?

10. Should I wear my t-shirt?