"represent crypto thru fashion and art" - mic drop

Our Journey

A few years ago the founders (an apparel entrepreneur, artist, and financial professional) embarked on starting a fashion brand for the crypto market. Fashion brands build industries and we set out on doing it for crypto by creating Cipher Volt.

Our first strategy was to drop designs consistently and build for a couple years to have a foundation of a couple dozen designs and a couple years under our belt. Done! We are now ramping up to drop new designs more frequently to give our customers fresh options regularly and we're working towards to being available in some brick and mortar stores.

We love NFTs, but we don't want to sell NFTs. So we decided to give away an NFT of our mascot. Every Degenerate Bear Jumper t-shirt comes with a free unique #DegenBearJumper NFT.

We will not announce the chain or platform where people will be able to mint their NFT, yet, WHY? At the time of minting, we want to be on the most relevant chain and platform, also possibly the most affordable. We hope to work with the NFT platform that will bring the most value to the Cipher Volt community. As we near the sellout of the #DegenBearJumpers t-shirt and get close to our community getting to mint their NFT, we will work on solidifying this platform choice. We believe platforms will want the #degenbearjumper NFT on their platform and we'll be able to do a deal that brings the collection more exposure and fame to the Cipher Volt brand and holders of the NFTs.

Don't miss our story and being a part of our growth. We just wrapped up integration with NOWPayments and will be accepting different cryptos. Keep an eye out as we start collaborating/accepting more tokens.

We look forward to continuing to update you here on some of the things we are doing. Follow us on Twitter and expect to see our mascot running around tradeshows soon.